Special Events


Join us at the Chef’s Table ­– a completely unique dining experience unlike any other that includes 6-8 courses of the chef’s choosing. Enjoy hand-selected wine pairings with each course, as well as conversing with the chef and learning more about the meals and wines prepared.  Each dinner is an experience in itself and no two dinners are alike.

chef's experience dinners


Every Friday and Saturday evening, Cork & Flame is the place to be with our weekly wine tastings.  This is your chance to sample different wines from around the world and make new friends!  Occasionally the winemaker will also join us for the wine tastings!  If you are a wine drinker, sampling wines from a variety of vineyards is part of the enjoyment you get from each glass!  Our tastings vary each week and featuring both red wines and white wines, so you’ll always look forward to trying new wines!


Join us for a Cork and Flame cooking class, a 2-day experience led by Executive Chef Justin Hayes. Saturday, you will learn to create a light lunch while enjoying some mimosas. Sunday will conclude the class with creating a high-end meal. Reservations are required, please click here to request more details  or call us for more information: 706-922-9463.


At Cork & Flame we have options for hosting your private party or event.  From a dinner party, corporate event, to reception, we have various options to accommodate your needs.  Please contact us for booking your next private party. Submit a booking request online or call us for more information: 706-922-9463.