Mindful Meals: 13 Restaurants for Enlightened Dining Experiences

enlightened dining experiences

Excerpt from OpenTable blog article, January 22, 2019

Cork & Flame, Evans, Georgia
Chef Justin Hayes treats ingredients in his dishes with “purpose, balance, finesse, and respect.” The combo fine dining/tapas/wine market culinary destination uses separate grills for vegetarian and vegan dishes, and Hayes sources regionally as much as possible. In fact, even the serving plates are crafted locally, and many of the dishes star ingredients unique to The Peach State, including the fresh local Augusta mushrooms chef uses in his uber-popular wild mushroom gnocchi; the dish also features blistered tomatoes and cheese sourced locally from Goat Lady Dairy in Climax, North Carolina, can be added, or not, if a vegan dish is desired. Make a reservation at Cork & Flame.